Antico Pastificio Morelli 1860 has been making fine pasta in Tuscany for five generations.

Today the company is still run by Morelli Family, the father, Dino Morelli, and his three sons Antonio, Lucia and Marco.

The characteristic that makes Morelli pasta unique, is the wheat germ that is reintegrated into the pasta mix. Wheat germ is the heart of the grain of wheat, rich in flavour and nourishing active ingredients.

The pasta is still produced using old traditional methods beginning with the careful selection of the best durum wheat semolina. The pasta is kneaded slowly and dried at low temperature in compliance with Italian food and health regulation (ISO22000 – IFS FOOD) However installations in stainless steel, equipped with a metal detector, are of the latest generation.

We have always relied on our craftsmanship to develop those niche markets that represent a vital segment for the pasta production sector, using our flexibility and experience over a hundred years.

via S. Francesco, 8
56020 San Romano (Pisa)

Tel. +39 0571.459.032 | +39 0571.450.556


Classic pasta with wheat germ: paccheri, spaghetti, penne...
Typical and regional forms: Busiate, pappardelle, pici...
Classic with Eggs: tagliatelle, tagliolini...
Whole wheat pasta grain from Tuscan origin: fusilli, linguine...
Glutenfree and organic pasta
Flavoured with various natural tastes, multi colors and fantasy shapes
Gift packages
Catering size boxes