Artelinea, founded in 1962 by Marcello Gobbini, is currently a European market leader in bathroom furnishings which uses glass as one of its main components.

The company was born as a glass factory and workshop, processing glass and crystal.

Later, thanks to the know-how of the traditional craftsmanship, to the industrial innovation, to investments in research and development, to the cooperation with talented designers and to passion for the craft, an alliance has been formed which is the winning feature of Italian companies. Today, the founder Marcello Gobbini, who is still active in the company, has been joined by his sons Massimo and Marco who confirm Artelinea is a family business.

Over the years, Artelinea has become more and more skilled in the production of mirrors and of glass washbasins as well as in the application of coloured glass using exclusive and patented technologies for furniture coverings, while continuing to offer the best technology available on the market.

Today, Artelinea offers a full range of products including furnishings, tops, washbasins, mirrors, lighting, as well as different kinds of floor and wall coverings to offer a flexible and innovative approach to bathroom furnishing while guaranteeing an exceptionally high quality:

  • 18 collections of furniture to meet different requirements in terms of style, functionality and budget (Monolite 2.0, Riga, Domino, Domino44, Smart, Incanto, Kimono, Zen, Dama, Regolo, Frammento, Frame, Bolla, Atollo, Decor, IBorgia, Metafora, Tormento). More, the brand new Dama collection is characterized  by the revolutionary covering Dualite®, an innovative material that unites two rear colored sheets of glass in a single element extremely adaptable and extremely safe.
  • Floor and wall coverings to create a room ​​entirely made of glass (Shock, Boiseries, Mondo Opalite collections).
  • 42 gloss and silk finish colours guaranteed and patented by Artelinea
  • 6 finishes in Kerlite, a natural, eco-friendly, 100% recyclable material.
  • The creation of unique design objects in Opalite, ceramic glass with exceptional characteristics which combine the brilliance of glass with the resistance of ceramic.
  • The option of made-to-measure furnishings, tops and mirrors for a totally customized bathroom.
  • The choice of special coatings made ​​with exclusive, avant-garde technologies: Cristal Wood (glass with the insertion of real wood grains), Cristal Image (glass with the insertion of images or fabric).
  • Safety measures mean that the fully removable glass coverings are mounted on aluminium.

Artelinea is widely represented abroad with 70% of our turnover being generated outside Italy. Our products are displayed in the windows of the best showrooms in Europe as well as in the rest of the world where we have strong partnerships and well-established business relationships. This is possible thanks to a multi-lingual sales department which assists our clients, and thanks to a well-organised production process which guarantees quality, even down to the packaging, meaning our company’s products are safe for intermodal transport.

The experience we have accumulated over the years allows us to offer in-company training to our customers, agents and sales personnel to provide them with a thorough understanding of our products and the specific techniques used to produce them.

We have a sales organization in the majority of the countries we deal with which allows us to listen to and understand the needs of each customer. Our interior designers and our customer care team are also available to offer advice, develop tailor-made projects and provide any other necessary assistance.


All of our products are manufactured in our factories in Tuscany, allowing us to guarantee that our products  are 100% made ​​in Italy.

Artelinea is a symbol of the Italian Touch applied to the world of bathroom furniture.

via Dell'Industria, 1
Loc. Santa Barbara
52022 Cavriglia (Arezzo)

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