The lucky history of Braganti starts in the sixties in a small workshop of the artisanal district called St.Frediano. Our premises are still in the heart of Florence even if we are now in a much bigger and prestigious place. Our aim has been since the beginning to manufacture the sterling following the classic methods of the well-known florentine tradition.

We have added to our wide range of silverware for table and home decoration the photo frames collections of the famous trademark Del Conte, thanks to the acquisition of the Company in 2010. Our longlasting partnership with several luxury brands confirm the high quality of our products, and we go on manufacturing products for the best international brands.

Braganti and Del Conte have in common the same florentine touch which couple skilled craftmanship and artistry, to reach and maintain the highest standard of quality. We are well known for accuracy in details and prefect finishing. Since always we have achieved special projects for interiors designers and famous architects. We are a company loving tradition and always searching for beauty and best quality, in the most modern shapes exactly as in our classics silverware.

via delle Carra, 7
50144 Firenze

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