Renai Jewellery originated with Agostino Renai, who opened the first artisan workshop in the old center of Pontassieve, near Florence, in 1870. Since then, five generations have contributed with passion and mastery to render Renai Jewellery a symbol of elegance and the expression of artisan skills.

Elena Spanò, the younger Renai generation, creates unique pieces of jewellery which unite Florentine traditions with modern expression. A fusion of past and present, of artisan techniques and contemporary material and philosophy. Her jewels are the result of the skilled working of precious metals, but also become a piece of art that can be worn to reflect an idea, a concept, or an exploration into a thought.

Elena Spanò, after her degree in jewellery design at the University of Florence, continued her research into contemporary jewellery at the “Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School” in Florence. She currently works in the family shop where she creates unique pieces using gold, silver, precious stones or alternative materials. She has exhibited in art galleries in the USA , Europe and in the Far East.

One piece of Elena Spanò contemporary jewellery is on show at the Grassiemuseum in Lipzia, Germany.



Ring, Pendent, Bracelet, Earring, Brooch with gold 18ct, silver, diamond, perl, mother of perl, plexiglass, precious stones