To recover excess production materials or scrap, to join aesthetics and ethics with the aim to encourage social projects: these elements together form the concept of Ridesign.

Ridesign was founded with the objective to unveil the hidden beauty that is to be found in objects and the people who make them, and with the idea that everything we need can be found all around us, we just need to learn to recognise it. By taking scraps from the textile, metal and woodworking sectors and in partnership with florentine businesses, Ridesign gives shape to exclusive and complementary objects for home decoration among which pillows, tables, lamps and more. This is made possible thanks to the contribution of ideas by professional designers. Individuals working at the social cooperative Cristoforo, have handcrafted the objects; this group of people has found an opportunity for work by applying their manual abilities in the service of an entrepreneurial project. In this way Ridesign aims to give value to handcrafted work and the reuse of materials, places emphasis on the details while appreciating the wear of the materials as well as their variety so as to exalt the taste of past experiences and begin to reveal new and future

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