… Our hands make your Dreams come true…

A slogan, a mission for Sacramore Firenze, a company whose idea was born from the mind and heart of its owner Alessio Tubbini born and raised in Florence where he breathed, as a child, art, fashion, creativity and learned his craft from the skill of the great florentine artisans, marrying the concept of privileging man over the machine.

Sacramore Firenze jewels are the result of a synergy of intents, research, craft processings, study of the new trends , finest materials, passion and hard-working.

Every jewel is made from the heart, we take care of every single detail, each project is unique because is wholly handmade.

No assembly line processing, no numerical control machinery, because…



Santa Maria del Fiore Collection
Ponte Vecchio Collection
Signoria Collection
Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces with silver, enamels, natural semi-precious and precious stones.