Torrefazione Caffè Leonardo is located into a beautiful historical and cultural setting, just a few minutes far from Vinci, which is the town where Leonardo di Ser Piero da Vinci was born.

Torrefazione Caffé Leonardo is on the market since 1963: an artisan company bound to the old traditions and supported by a young and dynamic staff. Its excellent reputation and high professionalism come from the quality of its blends, the diligent attention paid to the customer service and to the values of human relationships.

Thanks to the great experience handed down from generation to generation, our technicians personally oversee the selection of the products with capacity and great preparation. Treasuring the secrets of mixtures of coffee and the roasting process; adopting natural techniques in the production.

Our company produces coffee blends and monoproducts packaged in pods, capsules, packs to kg.1 and 250g, in beans and ground.

Thanks to our enthusiasm, teamwork and value, and our interest in the innovative technologies, we want to continue optimizing our production processes and research. In order to develop our project and continue guaranteeing to our customer an high quality product.

via Provinciale Mercatale, 112
50059 Vinci (Firenze)

Tel. +39 0571.500.591 | +39 0571.502.126


Caffè torrefatto in grani da kg.1: miscele Fiorenza, Tradizionale, Antico Aroma
Confezione di n.4 tipi di miscele di caffè: Poker
Caffè torrefatto in grani o macinato in barattoli da 250g
Cialde varie miscele di caffè, ginseng e vari thè
Caffè torrefatto macinato moka o espresso da 250g: miscela Dolce Crema, Aroma Intenso, Caffè al cioccolato, Arabica, Dek