We are shoe maker. Shoe designer. Shoe passionate. Hedge and modern style completely handcrafted by hand in Fucecchio, Florence by great local artisans.

Introducing the SS2018 collection.
Vintage is the new contemporary. Easy to wear. Completely handcrafted in Florence. Unusual shoes for unusual people.
Made by the best Italian natural leather supplied in Santa Croce sull’Arno, our shoes are paired with a various shade of colored soles – the success of last season.
The feeling is: SOFT. It wears like a glove.

Our Philosophy is based in a modern and cosmopolitan point of view that combines innovative style with traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Having regard to the needs of today's luxury products consumers, you can recognized (verba) for its manufacturing , the leather and strong colors that stand between soft and natural tones.

via del Palazzo, 85
50059 Vinci (Firenze)

via Pistoiese, 47/49
50054 Fucecchio (Firenze)

Tel. +39 0571.261.948 | +39 0571.217.71

info@verba-italia.com | www.verba-italia.com